My Pillow Addiction

My husband is a great sport about all my sewing. He puts up with scraps all over the office, stepping on pins, and me wanting to change our decorating a couple times a year. Good guy that one! But he does have one strict rule about pillows:  One in, one out. I’m allowed to change the pillows as often as I want, as long as the collection doesn’t grow. Thank goodness fabric is so cheap and there are great tutorials out there for creative pillows!

 Gathered Pillow

Pleated Pillow 

 Pillow with Ties

(Make It and Love It is one of my go-to website for creative projects!)

But, I have a tendency to envision things that don’t actually exist. Like the shade of orange I wanted for my living room. I wanted a darker, almost reddish orange, but all I could find was the citrus orange. I have to admit, I was getting pretty frustrated that shopping day.


I went to World Market just to cheer up and look at their scarves. And found, this dress on their clearance rack (started as $24.99 and got it for $4.99, plus a coupon!). So I got one to wear and one to turn into a pillow. Love it.


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4 responses to “My Pillow Addiction

  1. Fantastic! I love that tie pillow!

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