Father’s Day Gift

I’m one of the teachers for the preschool Sunday school class at church and needed a good Father’s Day gift. I searched on Tip Junkie for ideas but couldn’t find one that would work for a class of 10 little ones. I did find this tutorial for a Dad sign and decided to use the letters to make coasters. For Christmas, I had my 2nd grade class design their own coasters so I knew it was pretty easy.

What you’ll need:
*letters (I searched Google Images for the letters I wanted)
* coaster backing
*Mod Podge
*paint brush

A quick note about the coaster backing:  You can be pretty creative with what you use, as long as it’s sturdy. Check out the flooring section of the hardware store and get free samples, use leftover flooring, get ceramic tiles. The Mod Podge attaches to about everything!

1.  Cut out your letters to fit onto your coaster backing. My suggestion is to cut the letters smaller than the actual backing. If you forget, just cut them down!

Cut the extra white off.

2.  Put a dollop of Mod Podge in the center of the backing. Have the kids spread out the Mod Podge to cover the whole backing. I had them use a q-tip, because I didn’t have enough paintbrushes. This worked out really well, but they did throw the q-tip away after each letter.

3.  Put the letter on and smooth it out. Let it dry. If there are bubbles in the letters, don’t worry about it. These will smooth out as the Mod Podge dries.

4.  When everything is dry, spread 1 or 2 layers of Mod Podge on top. If there are parts of the letter that didn’t get glued down, now is the time to get a little Mod Podge under the corners.

5.  If your coaster backing that’s rough, attach a square of felt to the back. You can use Mod Podge or hot glue.

6.  Let the coasters dry completely (and don’t stack them until they’re totally dry… oops) and they’re ready to use!

Good luck keeping this a secret though! By the end of class, my preschoolers had already spilled the beans to their dads!

Some of the kids’…  

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