Wrapping Paper Placemats

My sewing machine had to go to the doctors 😦 A whole week without sewing seems so long this summer! Hopefully it’s an easy fix and they call be sooner though!

In the meantime…

I found two cute wrapping paper rolls and decided to make some summer placemats.

What you need:
*2 coordinating wrapping paper rolls
*spray adhesive

1.  Cut your wrapping paper pieces into placemat size (I chose 12″x18″).

2.  Use the spray adhesive to attach two of the papers together. (Tip:  Put down some sort of drop cloth if you’re using the spray adhesive on your rug. The overspray is rather unpleasant to stick to during yoga!)

 (no drop cloth = sticky rug)

My two papers didn’t end up being the same size and I got a little off center when sticking them together, so I had to trim down the sides.

3.  I chose to laminate my placemats so they last a little longer.

Very cute and festive. Super easy to change out for the seasons too.

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