Corn Hole Bags

When I found out that I needed to make a set of replacement corn hole bags, I was a little excited. Buying the bags is so expensive, but so, that’s all I needed to do. Our bags were in great shape… until now.

I knew the bags needed to be out of a sturdy fabric (canvas, duck cloth, outdoor fabric), and I found out that the bags needed to be 6″ squares that weighed about 15 oz.

What you’ll need:
*8″ strip of 2 colors of sturdy fabric (I got 8″ because I found that the edges weren’t square so this gave me some wiggle room)
*corn (check out the popcorn or bird seed aisles:  you need about 120 oz)

 Colors:  black and gold (go Purdue!)

1.  Cut 8 7″-squares of both fabrics.

2.  Pin and sew 1/2″ on three  sides. Sew a second seam just outside of your first seam. The bags will be getting lots of wear and this will reinforce the edges.

3.  Fill with 15 oz of corn.

4.  Fold the open side down about 1/2″ and pin shut. Sew the bag shut (I used a second seam here too). This is a little challenging because the bags are so full, but keep the bag held tight as you run it through the machine. I did have to throw away a few pins that got bent though!

Perfect for the 4th of July weekend!



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2 responses to “Corn Hole Bags

  1. Mamabellum

    Excellent! I was just planning to find a tutorial for this and here it is, from my favorite crafter!

  2. these look really great. Thanks for linking it up to our Wicked awesome wed link party.

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