Saying Goodbye to Summer Vacation

On my last day of summer vacation, I’m getting ready to say goodbye to lots of relaxing time. Since the weather has been so very hot this summer, not much of that relaxing was done on the deck. But I did look out there during the 90 degree streak and wish I could be out there!

Two summers ago, my husband and father-in-law began adding a deck to the house. What started out as a small concrete pad became an 800 square foot deck with three levels and a pergola. Our plan was to swap a window for a door in one of the back rooms, so we needed the deck to extend beyond that door. That didn’t end up happening, but the plan meant the deck got to be pretty big.

Usually the hammock stretches across the pergola area, but right now we’re using that area for our fire pit.
The umbrella and blue chair are part of our large dining table outside. 

And glorious. We absolutely love this space and use it all the time. Dinners together, reading, computer work, family events, and parties.

Last summer, I only focused on planting a few large pots out there. I spray painted some brown pots blue to match the pillows and chairs (yep, even pillows outside).

Thanks to my father-in-law for giving us the chairs and letting me paint them green!

 See this post for more about the plants

This summer our goal was to plant around the deck. The hard part was finding something reasonably priced that would grow up nicely in a few years. And was easy to maintain! It just so happened that we found some “distressed” grasses and spirea at Lowes (not sure what made them distressed because they looked great to me), which meant they were hugely discounted. For under $30, we got 10 grasses and 5 shrubs. Happy day!

Ten long, hot hours over three days…


And we have our deck planted! I had forgotten how long it takes to dig a whole new garden, but it does look great. Even though I faced mosquito bites, sunburns, spider eggs, and more bugs than I care to remember. And even though the shrubs and grasses had to withstand record long heat. Still looks great.


We’re waiting to edge and put in mulch, so for now, I just put down a layer of newspaper and covered it with grass clippings. Hopefully it will keep the weeds down!

Alas, goodbye to summer. And Deck, I’ll be seeing you much less, but we’ll be having more dinners together soon.

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