Long Time No See

Thank you to those of you who are subscribing. It’s so exciting to get that email 🙂 Unfortunately, there haven’t been any posts lately.

Sorry about the silence! I started school two weeks ago, and my days look something like this:
*Get up way too early
*Be at work too early
*Work through the day with my lovelies
*Stay at work way too late
*Get home and collapse on the couch (and promise that I WILL get up and do something–wrong)
*Try to stay awake until Logan gets home (he’s been closing lots)
*Go to bed

The weekends have been jammed packed too… it’s hard to get back in the routine of getting everything done in two days!

Obviously, my project making has taken a huge hit!

 My goal until I can get my schedule more balanced is one post a week, probably on the weekend. Just thought I’d give you a heads up! And thanks for your patience!

Up Next:  Zucchini Bread

Coming Soon:  Master Bedroom Redo (I’m dying to start on this!)

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