Master Bedroom Redo

For awhile I’ve been wanting to change the look on our master bedroom. Nothing that costs much, but something that made a big difference. So what did I change… why the pillows of course! And some of the colors, furniture, and art. In June, I was part of a garage sale, and Logan agreed that I could use that money for decorating.

I decided on shades of blues and whites. I’ve always loved the Greek and watery look, so decided to use that as a jumping off point. I also love this room by Sarah Richardson from her Sarah’s Summer House series.

I love how she uses so many different fabrics!

Master Bedroom Before:

Of course, we’re not changing any of our big pieces of furniture, so we’re going to be keeping our dark wood.

To Do:
*Make new pillows
*Find/repurpose side tables
*Steal the bench from another room and repaint
*Make new art for both sides of the bed
*Get a new laundry basket
*Recover the border of our wedding vows (we had our friend Judy calligraphy the vows we wrote)
*Change out all of the colorful accessories for blue and white


I’m also going to use some teal/aqua and bright yellow.

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