True Confessions

Okay, it’s time to come clean. Remember how I said that I wasn’t posting much because the start of school was so hectic and tiring (see this post)? True. But…

Here’s the other reason…

Our little one in now 14 weeks along!

So from mid-July till only recently, I’ve been working through the upset stomach and exhaustion. I took the whole month of August off from cooking (Logan was wonderful working his way around the kitchen) and have only recently even started thinking about sewing. Teaching is still pretty tough, so I still take many naps. Which means that cleaning my house isn’t getting done very often.

Case and point: Here’s a picture of our master bedroom from this weekend (I’m SOOO embarrassed by this!). I was out of town and got back late the other night and just dropped off my stuff and went to bed. And folding laundry is apparently optional right now. Plus we’re sleeping in the guest room until our new Sleep Number bed is delivered (can’t wait!).

Yikes! Isn’t that scary!

So right now I’m still trying to keep my house in order (not much luck yet obviously!), cook a couple of times a week, and exercise. We’re also finishing up remodeling our main bathroom and putting bedrooms back together from getting new carpet. But then… then I will be back at my sewing machine… after I nap of course!

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