Clear the Clutter Series

I’m pretty good at purging and keeping the things we have contained. But lately, I’ve been going around my house feeling suffocated by all the stuff we have. I can’t really say it’s because I’m nesting… but I do think all the baby stuff that will come into our house in the next few months has something to do with it. That and the fact that our nursery is currently being used for storage.

So I decided to go through week by week and focus on one area of the house. That seems doable and not too overwhelming.

I’m not sure about the order, and this list isn’t exhaustive, but as I add to the series, I’ll link them up here.

*Master Bathroom
*Gift Wrap Station
*Under the Kitchen Sink
*Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers
*Bedroom Closets
*Linen Closet
*Hall Closet
*Craft Area:  Fabric
*Medicine Cabinet

This week:
Finish a Project and Go Shopping

1.  Finish one of those projects that keeps hanging over your head. This way you have one thing off your mind. For me, it’s repainting the light post in front of the house and putting on the solar lamp. I’ve had this on the list since April. Seriously, it’s time to cross it off!

2.  Go shopping for containers to start next week. Get a variety of shapes and sizes. And think outside the “box.” Don’t just look in the container aisle–check out kitchen storage, desk supplies, your recycling bin (clean those of course!). Also, go for cheap. Check out dollar stores, garage sales, Goodwill, and dollar aisles. Much of these bins won’t be seen, so there’s no need to spend much money. Save that for the real decorating!

Have labels or a label maker ready to go.

What I’ve Already Got:
I found some clear plastic bins without lids at school, and hit up the dollar aisle at Target. There’s also some coffee cans, wipes containers, and boxes. Keep in mind that the container you choose should match where you’re going to put it (as in, don’t make my mistake and use something metal in the bathroom where it’s going to get wet and rusty).

Still Need:
I haven’t hit up the Dollar Tree yet to find some plastic desk organizers and ice cube tubs. I’m also looking for a few shallow shelves. I’m sure I’ll find other things to pick up along the way, but this will get me started.

Come back next week to start purging and organizing!

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