Clear the Clutter: Master Bathroom

I had every intention of getting this post up early this evening. But, we had a field trip today and I was in much need of a nap. A 3 hour nap. Lovely.


I don’t know about you, but I’d love for our master bathroom to be like a little spa getaway. In the last year and a half, Logan gutted our bathroom and his dad did much of the work (new shower, tiling, plumbing, electrical, and installing the cabinet and sinks). All I had to do was paint! And now we have a beautiful bathroom.


As pretty as the outside might look, the drawers and cabinet are usually a mess. So this was the first spot to tackle!

The process is pretty easy, no matter where you’re organizing:
1.  Empty
It’s always easier to do the rest of the process with the cabinet empty. It also lets you see how much extra stuff (junk?) you have to deal with.


2.  Clean
After the work you’re going to be doing, you don’t want to put all that organization into a dirty cabinet and drawers. This is especially important in high traffic rooms like the bathroom.

3.  Purge
I guarantee you don’t need anything in there! Under our sink, I found a broken hair dryer, multiple lotions/bottles/etc that were nearly empty, 2 old electric toothbrushes, and stray cotton balls. Some advice I’ve read:  when you change products, specifically hair products or makeup, get rid of your old ones. As much as you say you’ll use them up, you won’t. Just cut them loose and enjoy how nice your new products work!

4.  Sort (well, obviously)

5.  Contain
This was a step I used to struggle with a little. I mean, why put bottles and such in a larger container? But I tried it and it’s so much more convenient. The bottom of your cabinets stay clean, you can grab the set of things you need, things get put back where you actually go. I sorted everything under the cabinet into:  cleaning supplies, hair styling tools, misc bottles. I do wish I had bought some contact paper to line the bottom of the cabinet and drawers. But now that everything is nicely contained, it will be no problem pulling everything out and lining them when I buy some!

I’d also suggest taking a before and after photo to celebrate great it looks.


After--so much better!

Your turn!

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