Master Bedroom Redo: Basic Pillow Cover

This has always been my pillow cover of choice:  mostly because I hate ironing, even if it’s just for two quick hems. I have a feeling that will change once there’s a little one around the house, and pillow cases need washing more than what they do now!

Sorry, I don’t have many pictures for this one.

(I used fabrics #2 and #3, plus scraps from fabric #6 and a random scrap from my stash)

What you’ll need:
*pillow form

1.  Cut your fabric 1″ longer and 1″ wider than your pillow form.

(Option:  I added a tie across the center. But a coordinating fabric the length of your pillow and twice the width. With right sides together, pin and sew the long side. Turn it right side out. Pin on the right side of your pillow case.)

2.  Pin the fabrics right sides together.

3.  Start a couple inches away from one of the corners. Sew towards the closest corner. Sew around the rest of the pillow. On the last side (the same as the first side), stop a couple inches from the corner you just finished. This leaves a large gap to stuff the pillow in.

4.  Pin the gap. Use this tutorial from Taffy Talk to do an invisible stitch closure.

The finished product:

Our finished bed:

So I may have broken Logan’s rule with pillows:  one in and one out. And he may have figured that out right away. But my sister and I found this great pillow at Goodwill on half price day. Seriously, $5. How can you say no?

These pillows were also made using this style:

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