Clear the Clutter: Medicine Cabinet

We recently remodeled our guest bathroom, which involved building a new medicine cabinet to retrofit the old space. As I spent a weekend smelling polyurethane, I realized it’s not smart to have all our medicine in the main bathroom (as in the one our daughter will eventually use). I know that’s quite awhile away still, but there’s something about organizing a new space that’s refreshing.

I decided to move the medicine into the master bathroom. I moved a shelf into the bathroom and found a few baskets. And the three baskets fit perfectly… love it when that happens!

1.  Empty
This was pretty easy since everything had been tossed in a box when we cleared out the bathroom.

2.  Clean
If you’re putting things back into a medicine cabinet, wipe it down before you start.

3.  Purge
Get rid of  any medicines that have expired. Here’s a link to tell how to safely get rid of medicines.

4.  Sort
I stared by grouping our pain relievers and allergy/cold medicines. After that, the only thing we had much of was stomach relief.

5.  Contain
I had intended to use three little baskets for everything, but found that two was more than enough. There’s even room for our vitamins if we decide to move them out of our drawers. I added labels to the baskets since they’re high enough that we can’t see in them well. Besides, I love labels!



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