Pureeing It Up

I know some people aren’t into “hiding” vegetables in their food, but I’m a huge fan. Both my husband and I eat  plenty of fruits and vegetables (he’s come so far since we first met!), but I’m certain I still don’t get enough. When given the choice, I eat carbs (granola bars are one of my favorite foods).

So I’ve been using the Deceptively Delicious and Sneaky Chef books to give a little boost to our veggie intake. At first, Logan wasn’t thrilled about the idea of the purees so I’d make him taste the dish before I’d tell him what was in it. Now he’s pretty cool with it.

And 2 hours later, I have…
*8 bags (1/4 cup each) of purple puree
*9 bags (1/2 cup each) of orange puree
*5 cups of flour mixture
*24 Powerhouse Breakfast Cookies

Not too bad 🙂

Love this pot from Ikea. The steamer fits right into the top of the pan.

Probably my favorite piece of equipment.

I make a huge mess measuring out the mixtures. Not sure about the green tints in the picture.

I lay them all flat and stick them in the freezer.

Ready to go!

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