Clear the Clutter: The Fabric Collection

I had planned to continue organizing in the bedroom, but got inspired to start some work in my office/craft room. And when inspiration/motivation strikes for cleaning… well, you don’t try to fight it!

I’ll admit, I have an obsession with pretty fabric. Fortunately, I’m also cheap, so I buy far less than I’d like. Now I mostly buy fabric for specific projects. But recently, I inherited fabric from my mother-in-law’s stash and my aunt’s store. Which means I had to rework my scrap boxes and add to my mini-bolts.

About a year ago or so, Budget Wise Home–Decorating on a Budget posted ideas for organizing fabric, and my favorite was making mini-bolts out foam board. I wish had a before picture, but everything was jammed into a couple of dresser drawers. Not easy to see what I had and such a pain to dig out fabric I wanted.

How to:
1.  Divide a piece of foam board into eighths. This ends up being 10″x 7 1/2.”

2.  Fold your fabric to fit on the board. Wrap it tightly. Fold the end over and pin. Usually, I try to stick the pin through the top of the foam board.

These are just the new ones to my collection!

I love the way this looks! It’s pretty tight in there with all the new fabric.
And yes, it is organized in rainbow order, with the exception of that last set. But that’s because the two fabrics on that bolt are set aside for a specific project.
Moral of the story:  start more sewing!

For my scrap box, I ended up having to upgrade to a drawer system. And now it’s jammed packed!

*Here are some other ideas for organizing your fabric.

Bins organized by color and type by the Domestic Diva

Using pants hangers by Budget Wise Home

Pretty boxes by HGTV

Using cubbies by Make It and Love It

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