Master Bedroom Redo: Recovering a Picture Mat

One of my favorite pictures in our room is our wedding vows. Logan and I wrote our own vows, and they were so perfect (if I do say so myself!). We had my friend Judy write them in calligraphy, and I find myself reading the vows several times a week… both when I’m crazy in love with Logan and when he’s making me crazy! Having them up is a wonderful reminder of this journey we’re on together.

I had covered the mat with a great pink and green vine/leaf paper from India (I love Global Gifts!). But when I shifted to blue and white, I had to go shopping again… what a shame 🙂 I found an equally great blue and aqua paper to use.


New paper:  

What you’ll need:
*paper or fabric slightly bigger than your mat
*spray adhesive
*masking tape

 1.  Coat the front of your mat with spray adhesive. Lay this on the wrong side of your paper/fabric. Make sure you have a little overhang on each side.

2.  Cut an x from corner to corner in the center section of your mat. Fold these over to cover the narrow center sides. Cut the excess so it goes to about the center of the mat edge. Tape this down.

3.  Trim the excess off the outside edges and tape it down.

4.  Insert back into your frame. Super easy!

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One response to “Master Bedroom Redo: Recovering a Picture Mat

  1. the mat looks beautiful! scrap wall paper works great as well for this. Enjoy!

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