Master Bedroom Redo: Wall Art

I started on the time-suck that is Pinterest about three weeks ago. And I love it. I used to only go to my favorite blogs, and now I have hundreds of ideas all on one page. Unfortunately, I keep collecting ideas and not doing many of them… But here’s one I did finish!

I found an idea to use covered pizza boxes for wall art on Home-Dzine and another idea to cover shoebox lids from Houzz:  Beachbright’s Ideas, which were right up my alley. As in:  Free. I do still have money left over from the garage sale, but I had all sorts of fabric left over from the pillows. So why not use it?

What you’ll need:
*various boxes (I ended up using random boxes from my cardboard recycling and two old frames)
*packaging tape (lots)
*spray adhesive (optional)

1.  Decide on a layout for your boxes and figure out what fabrics will go where. I decided this based on what fabrics looked good together and how much fabric I had. Most of the pillow scraps had to be smaller boxes, and the bigger boxes were covered in fabrics from my stash.

2  I used spray adhesive on the front side of my boxes, but this is optional. If you do, make sure you cover a large area with a drop cloth so you don’t get overspray on your floors!

3.  Cover your boxes. Tape two opposite sides securely and then do the last two sides. Use lots of tape, because you want everything to stay tight. If you’re using shoebox lids, do your corners like you do when you wrap presents.

4.  Attach ribbon across the top to use as a hanger. Hang it all up!

Very easy–Love that! Free–Really Love that! And I think it fills the wall nicely and makes a big impact.

Not sure why the coloring is so dark

Hanging the whole set of them was challenging though. Mostly because I wanted both sides to be similar. So I laid out my boxes on a large sheet of cardboard (you could also use butcher block paper or gift wrap) and marked the top of each box. I stuck my nails through the cardboard. I held the cardboard up to the wall and nailed the nails in, which affixed the cardboard to the wall. (Okay, it might be an efficient way but it works well). Then I had to take the nails out, take the cardboard off, and put the nails back in. To do the other side, I just flipped the cardboard over. It didn’t end up being exactly symmetrical, but it was pretty close.

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