Clear the Clutter: Master Bedroom Closet

I had every intention of organizing in the kitchen this week, but there was NO motivation. And since it started spitting snow today, I thought it was a good time to clear out the closet. Okay, I’m switching out “regular” clothes for pregnancy clothes, but the rest of you will be switching summer clothes for winter ones. Same process though!

I used to think it was silly to move your clothes back and forth, but when I started I realized that it’s lots easier to see what you have when it’s not all jammed in there.

1.  Empty:  Take it all out and toss it on your bed. Even if you think you’re going to keep it. Admire how much space you have when you aren’t jamming it full of all your great things.

2.  Clean:  Get rid off all the broken hangers (or wire ones). Get rid of the trash that fell. Or plastic bags (I unearthed several bags that got jammed to the bottom of the closet).

3.  Purge:  This is time for a really critical eye. The key is to keep only the clothes you love and want to wear. If you don’t feel great in it, don’t keep it. If you haven’t worn it in a year, time to donate. If it doesn’t fit you now, donate. If you don’t like it, donate (even if it was a gift!). Be brutal!

4.  Sort:  Group your clothes based on how you wear them. I put skirts, pants, jackets, shirts, sweatshirts together into groups. I’ve seen some beautiful closets with the clothes arranged by color… I just don’t have enough clothes for that! My closet also serves as my dresser, because we have a bookcase that I put my clothes on. I sort these like you would dresser drawers:  undies, tank tops, short and love sleeve shirts, workout clothes, jeans, pajamas. I did sort through all of this too,  but you could save that for another day of course!

5.  Contain:  Not so much. You can skip this step!

After:  I’m pretty pleased with how everything looks. It’s really easy to find things that actually fit and are appropriate for the winter months. Which I might add, I’m not at all ready for!

This is my "dresser." I use the green bins because I can stack things better without everything falling over on me.

So nice and organized and roomy

Above the bookshelf/dresser, I have an expandable hooks to hold my necklaces.

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