Master Bedroom Redo: Accessories

I’m still feeling cheap, so I didn’t want to buy new accessories for our bedroom. When I had my first apartment, I bought all sorts of blue glass at garage sales but I got rid of quite a few.

So I went shopping around my house.

When you’re redoing a room, check your cabinets and shelves. I guarantee you already have some great things that are either hidden away in cabinets or aren’t being features as well as they could. Like the teacup from Japan that was hidden behind another one and the flower pot that was stashed out in the garage. When you’re shopping your shelves, I’d suggest brining your dust cloth with you. If you’re anything like me, a little dusting under those will be needed!

And then hit my favorite site Pinterest to get some more ideas… (see I’m trying to actually do some of the projects!)

Painted Vases by Work In Progress Kits
Take paint and paint it on the inside of a glass bottle or vase. Don’t worry if it’s streaky when you paint it, because it will dry smoother.

Lace Covered Vase by Urban Comfort
Modge Podge lace onto a vase. Spray paint. I ran out of lace and used some ribbon too. I didn’t love how this turned out, mostly because I tried to spray paint white lace with dark blue spray paint. Logan likes it though, so it’s probably going to go on his side of the bed to collect all the change he brings home.

Beach Glass Vase by Krafty Kat
Check out her tutorial!

Painted Wine Bottles by P is for Party
I didn’t end up doing this one, but I did love the idea.


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