Clear the Clutter: Under the Kitchen Sink

I had cleaned under the kitchen sink once before. And then it revert back into a black hole. A black hole in which bottle and plastic bags multiple at a rapid rate.

Logan requested that we get the plastic bag holder when we were at Ikea. Before the bags were just in a basket. Huge improvement switching those out!

Same process as always…

1.  Empty
It wasn’t until I emptied out the cabinet that I realized I had been stock piling bottles of vinegar, grout cleaner, and dishwashing soap.

2.  Clean
Wipe out the bottom of your cabinet. I also lined it with contact paper to make it easier to clean when spills do happen.

3.  Purge
I consolidated some of the repeats (like the grout cleaner). Tossed out some containers/boxes that were nearly empty. Moved bathroom cleaners into the bathroom. I also had a few cleaners that were nearly finished, so I used those later in the day to clean the house. Then into recycling the bottles went! Be sure if you’re getting rid of chemicals, you check about the safest way to do it in your city.

4.  Sort:
I didn’t have many categories for this area. Things I rarely used (to tuck them in the back), regular cleaning products, dishwashing stuff, floor cleaner.

5.  Contain:
I put my most commonly used cleaning products in a container near the front. This way whenever I need them, they’re really easy to pull out to clean. I used a shelf riser from another cabinet that wasn’t really doing much to put all my repeats on. This way I can easily see them and not keep buying them!

Now I can find everything. And get to everything.

And by the way, notice the parmesan container to the right with baking soda in it (really easy to shake out only a little to clean with). And one of those windex bottles has been rinsed out and filled with my vinegar/water solution.

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