12 Gifts of Christmas: Iphone Case and Charger


Iphone case

I have a huge problem with losing things in my purse. Especially when I need something quickly—like my phone. It seems that the faster I need to get to it, the longer it seems to take! Last month while I was at a craft fair, one of the venders had solved this problem with a pouch on a carabineer to attach to your purse strap or belt loop.

(Okay, I realize this is listed under gifts for men, but I think women will find this just as handy! Just use a different fabric.)

 What you’ll need:
*fabric and lining measuring 5″x6″ and 5″x9″
*4”  ribbon

1.  Fold your ribbon in half. Pin it about 3” down to the back piece of the outer fabric so the ends match up with the edge of the fabric. Then pin the front of the fabric so the ribbon is sandwiched in between. (Okay, I’ll admit, some of these are the same pictures from the fabric memory bag. But the process is still the same!)

2.  Repeat with the lining.

3.  Turn the lining right side out and slide it into the outer fabric (this is still inside out).

4.  Line up the upper edges and pin around the edges.

5.  Sew around all the edges, leaving about an inch gap. Clip your corners.

6.  Turn it right side out. Top stitch around the whole opening, which will close the gap.

7.  Attach the velcro.

8.  Attach the carabineer to the ribbon. Sew a quick stitch across your ribbon so the carabineer stays at the end.

Iphone charger

I found this picture on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea. But I can’t read German!

What you’ll need:
*fabric and lining measuring 6″x12″

1.  With right sides together, sew the lining and fabric together, leaving about a 2” gap.

2. Turn right side out. Topstitch.

3.  Fold the bottom up 2 1/2”. Stitch both sides to create the pocket.

4.  Cut a 2”x3” rectangle out near the top. Zigzag around the opening.

Make It and Love It also made a version of this using an empty lotion bottle. Check our her tutorial if you don’t want to sew!

**Keep in mind, these cases will work even if you don’t have an Iphone. My phone works just fine in them! If you have a phone that measures bigger than an Iphone, though, you’ll want to adjust the sizes.




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