Clear the Clutter: Linen Closet

This will be my last Clear the Clutter for awhile. Because who really wants to be reorganizing right in the swing of celebrating Christmas! But this is a quick one that’s kind of nice to get done before company comes.

I find that my linen closet can be quite the black hole. I jam all sorts of pillowcases, extra towels, and a stockpile of bathroom goods in there. Last January/February when Indianapolis had an ice storm, I pulled everything out, sorted, and purged. And surprisingly, it’s stayed pretty clean! However, it does mean that I don’t have a Before picture. Sorry about that!

The large white basket on the left holds all our sheets and pillowcases.

Same process as usual:

1.  Empty:  Pull it all out and spread it out to see what you really have.

2.  Clean:  This included both the shelves you use and the linens in there. If you notice any of your towels or sheets with a storage smell, run them through the washer to freshen them up.

3.  Purge:  Get rid of those spotty towels, mismatched pillowcases, etc. Donate what you can and use others for rags. See this tutorial to make an old towel into a washable Swiffer cover.

4.  Sort:  Group like things together. Here are some ideas for folding your sheets so the fitted sheets don’t take up tons of space.

How to Fold Fitted Sheets by stephmodo

Folding sheets into a pillowcase by Tiny-ass Apartment

5.  Contain:  I know that most organizing sites suggest keeping all your bath towels and such in your linen closet. As in, not having the same thing in multiple locations. And mostly I agree with that. However, I did have two moments of brilliance, if I do say so myself.
*Always keep a set or two of bath towels in your guest room. That way when you get busy right before company comes, you know that they’re already ready to go.
*Remember this picture from reorganizing the medicine cabinet?

The two smaller baskets hold our medicine. The bigger one is right by our shower and holds an extra towel for both Logan and me. It also has an extra bar of soap, shampoo, conditioner, and shaving gel. I would always forget to restock the shower when we ran out… at least until it was too late! This way it’s all right there and convenient.

Enjoy your clean, convenient linen closet!

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