Christmas 2012: Advent Calendar

I know, I know, we’re not even to Christmas 2011 yet! But this will be my last post before Christmas, and this is something I want to buy things for during after-Christmas sales. Because then you can get special/fancier ornaments for so inexpensive!

I found these Advent calendars last week, and I absolutely adore them. Logan and I have talked lots this Christmas about how we want to share the true meaning of Christmas with our little girl, and this idea fit perfectly into that.

Advent Ornaments by Kojo Designs

DIY Advent Ornaments by Thankfully Thrifty

Isn’t this such a great idea? What a wonderful way to share the character of Jesus while counting down to His birth! I can’t wait to start this next year. Here’s a link with names of Jesus throughout the Bible, as well as the verses. 

This will be a nice addition to the start of our Jesse Tree. So far we’ve only collected four ornaments for this tradition… but I guess we’re a few years away from our little one understanding what we’re doing.

Jonah and the Whale

Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Birth of Jesus

*Somewhere on the Christmas tree is also an olive branch for Noah’s Ark

I’m also looking for more ornaments to add to our Jesse tree at the after-Christmas sales!

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