Gift Tags from Christmas Cards

I love getting Christmas cards from everyone, but when Christmas is over, I always feel bad recycling them. This year I decided to make gift tags from next year to give them a new life. Especially the cards that were handmade… I thought this was a nice way to honor the talent of those paper crafters!

Here are the cards I started with

Here’s what I finished with

I used a combination of thin rectangles, circles, and a gift tag shape (cut the corners off a rectangle). I decided on the shape based on the space I had to cut out of the card itself.

Pretty much, just trace and cut!

If there is writing on the back of one of the gift tags, trace that shape onto a coordinating paper and use rubber cement to attach it.

And sometimes, you’ll be able to pull off a pretty accessory on your card and use it the way it is!

Then just punch a hole in the top and string with a ribbon. I’m waiting until next year to attach the ribbon, because I have a feeling they’ll get tangled up in the meantime!

Easy, free, repurposing, and one thing ready for next holiday season!

*You can also do this with other cards… birthday, wedding, thinking of you, thank you. Anything with pretty pictures/patterns and good colors!

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