Tree Skirt from Tablecloth

I know I’m supposed to be posting organizing ideas for the new year, but this is a great quick project. And with all those after-Christmas sales wrapping up, now is a great time to pick up a round tablecloth to remake into a tree skirt.!

What you’ll need:
*round tablecloth

1.  Find the center of your tablecloth by folding it in half twice. Mark it and unfold.

2.  Cut a straight line to the center of your circle.

3.  Center a large mixing bowl on your circle. Trace and cut out.

4.  Hem the sides and circle by folding it over 1/4″ and another 1/4″. Put in LOTS of pins, especially around the circle part. Stitch.

And tada! A fabulous tree skirt!

*You could do with with any large circle of fabric, but the tablecloth is already hemmed, which makes is SO much faster!

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