Clear the Clutter: 40 Bags Update

So it’s been about a week of searching out bags of things to get out of my house. I’m finding that it’s less “one per day” and more “couple of spurts” throughout the week. But whatever works!

Here’s where my bags came from:
7. Nursery (lots of packaging trash from all the beautiful gifts from the shower)
6. Nursery (extra clothes for the wrong season, batting to go back to Shannon, and a diaper tub for Grandma’s house)
5. Nursery (extra swing to give to another set of friends expecting their first baby)
4. Linen closet (I tend to collect all the little samples from hotels, but how many do you really need? And some less-than-great-towels went too)
3. Bookshelves throughout the house (off to Half Price Books)
2. Guest room closet (emptying out that dumping ground for some really random things to head to Goodwill)
1. From all over the house (a whole bag of random things that go back to school)

Unfortunately, my guest room looks like this:

Yikes! But my goal by the end of next week is to get some of these things to their new homes.

And, this already makes the house feel cleaner and more organized. Little sigh of relief. Bigger sigh next week with more things out of the house!

How’s your purging going?

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