Clear the Clutter: 40 Bags Update 2

This week was harder to motivate myself to purge. Not that I didn’t want to get rid of things… but between all the naps I have to take just to function, purging/organizing didn’t make it high on my list. So instead of about 1 bag per day, it was more like 7 Saturday morning. But they got done.

14. Guest room (wrapping paper, bags, tissue paper to toss and donate—goal before the baby comes:  finally get the gift wrap station hung)
13. Kitchen (some nonperishables that went to my school’s food bank)
12. Extra decorating box (old set of curtains, candles)
11. Linen closet (shower curtain, miscellaneous pillow cases, another crummy towel)
10. My dresser (pre-pregnancy unmentionables to toss—these will eventually get replaced, but still)
9. My dresser (more “regular clothes)
8. My dresser (“regular” clothes that I don’t need to be wearing anymore)


7. Nursery (lots of packaging trash from all the beautiful gifts from the shower)
6. Nursery (extra clothes for the wrong season, batting to go back to Shannon, and a diaper tub for Grandma’s house)
5. Nursery (extra swing to give to another set of friends expecting their first baby)
4. Linen closet (I tend to collect all the little samples from hotels, but how many do you really need? And some less-than-great-towels went too)
3. Bookshelves throughout the house (off to Half Price Books)
2. Guest room closet (emptying out that dumping ground for some really random things to head to Goodwill)
1. From all over the house (a whole bag of random things that go back to school)

And… believe it or not, I actually did succeed in getting things out of the house (instead of leaving them on my guest room bed). I took 4 boxes to Goodwill and got Shannon’s bag of things to her. Too bad I keep adding more to the piles in the guest room! But I guess that’s the point right now. I’ll collect for two more weeks and then do another round of deliveries.

*Little advice when you have things to return to other people:  Mark that you have something for them on your calendar. That way when you remind yourself about what time you’re meeting them, you also remind yourself that you have something to return to them! Hmm, maybe I keep forgetting to return some things to people…

How about your purging? Is your house going on a diet too?

Sorry about the lack of pictures. WordPress isn’t letting me upload any. Hopefully next time!

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