Baby Showers

I’ve always loved going to baby showers. There’s just something so darling about baby clothes and all the cute little things that babies “need.”

In the last month, I’ve had three showers. One with family and school friends hosted by my sister, one with church friends hosted by two friends, and one at school hosted by my 2nd grade team. I’m not sure if it’s just the pregnancy emotions, but at both showers, I was overwhelmed by the love and support offered by these groups of women. It’s just so humbling that they would come to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our little girl… and give me some wonderful advice.

Great advice:
*Babies go through 15-20 diapers a day for the first month. Take all of them offered from the hospital.
*Before the baby comes, buy Lanisoh, Mylicon, and Tylenol Infant.
*Target diapers hold the most pee.
*Always double check that the seatbelt in the car seat is buckled.
*Sleep when the baby sleeps.
*Dry diapers in the sun (we’re going to try cloth diapers after the first month).

Some of this advice was given over email, some in person, and some… from a silly game Shannon had us play. We all wrote a piece of advice on a slip of paper, and passed it to the next person, who drew that advice. Then the original advice was folded over, and the piece passed to the next person (all they saw was the picture). That person had a write what they thought the original piece of advice was based just on the pictures. And so on. Kind of like a mix between telephone and Pictionary. Tons of laughs. Here are some of my favorite transformations:  “sleep when the baby sleeps” became “baby gates as soon as they move.” “Don’t be afraid to pump and make bottles so Logan can feed at night too” became “don’t let the baby pull the dog’s tail.” And last but not least another “sleep when the baby sleeps” became “don’t let the baby go to jail.” Words to live by.

At the other shower, the girls were handed “Wishes for Baby” cards. Some of the answers were silly and some very sweet.
*I hope you learn… to spit up on Daddy’s clean shirts (I’m not so much hoping for that), to quickly sleep through the night, a foreign language, to be as crafty as your mom, how to pick your nose (ew)
*I hope you aren’t afraid… of Smokey, of worms, to try new things, the dark
*I hope you love… Jesus, to use Pinterest, to sleep
*I hope you get… some really noisy toys (yeah, not me!), Daddy wrapped around your little finger (too late!), a pony (not likely), no fevers the first year
*I hope you laugh… with gusto, all the time, at all of Daddy’s jokes
*I hope you never forget… you are loved, Jesus loves you, to smile, to thank Mommy for all she does, Mommy and Daddy love you
*I hope you ignore… meanies, people who are dumb enough to make fun of you, diet plans
*I hope you become…whatever makes you happy, a well-mannered little lady, strong and smiley
*I hope you respect… your parents, God’s word, your teachers, the dog
*I hope you grow… bigger than Smokey, to love little kids, in the Lord, hair long enough for a ponytail, slowly so Mommy and Daddy can enjoy it

Many thanks to everyone who participated in these fabulous showers!

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  1. Karen Bradburn

    Awww! How wonderful! I miss you and our times together so much! I hope that your daughter has her mommy’s contagious smile, laugh, attitude, and dedication. I also hope she has her mommy and daddy’s faith and love for God and others and their amazing hope and optimism. 🙂

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