Quick Projects

Do you ever have a night where you just need to get lots of things done quickly? Crafty things.

That’s what happened to me Friday night. I think it’s because I was finally starting recover from my migraine but still couldn’t go out an enjoy the unseasonably warm Indiana winter. Because it was still too sunny. Lame.

So in the dimness of my living room with Food Network keeping me company, I cut out a few quick projects. And then I actually sewed them!

Project 1:  Spring Cardigan
Long before Pinterest, I had found this tutorial to make a quick shrug. Granted, I won’t need it for several months still, but now it’s ready. Mine is just a turquoise knit one.

Project 2:  Giraffe Rattle
For Christmas, Shannon got me Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby. This is a great book with some quick and easy projects that are so cute. I’ve already made a boppy and crib bumper (more on that later). I love how cute this giraffe is!

Project 3:  Fleece Baby Hat
Another project from Simple Sewing for Baby. Perfect for baby girl coming in a month!

Project 4:  Swiffer Pads
Much as I liked the Swiffer Pads from a previous post, I got tired of trying to fit them over the velcro. So I cut a cloth diaper in half and attached the soft side of velcro to one side. Fits on quickly, super absorbent, washes like a champ.

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