The nursery is almost done (I just have to make some decisions about the mobile I’m designing…and to do it!). It’s taken months of planning and weeks of working, but it’s absolutely perfect. There have been several phone conversations with almost-Grandma (my mom) where I just sit in the rocker and admire the room while we talk. Which is good, since I’ll be spending many hours in that rocker!

This was the inspiration for the room. I’ve had this fabric in my stash for awhile (my sewing machine cover is lined with it), and fell in love with it again when I was making a diaper and wipes case for a friend. Too bad at that point we were still a few weeks away from finding out if the baby was a boy or girl! To be fair, I did have a great safari theme ready for a baby boy.

I had several goals while I was putting together the nursery:
*Cheap–I love to change the textiles in rooms so making most everything was the only option
*Safe–That’s a no-brainer
*Transitional–Even though I love changing the look of a room, I know the time available to do that is getting cut dramatically as soon as she gets here. So I wanted something that could grow with her and not seem too babyish later.
*Colorful–I never expected to go with pink, but once I saw the first fabric, there was no other choice

My rainbow of oranges, light pinks, cranberries, and hot pinks. Oh Sarah Richardson, you've turned me into a fabric collecting monster... And I love it!

Welcome to the tour…

Wall color:  Meadow Wind by Valspar
This was the first time Logan’s painted since a painting fiasco from before we got married. He painted one wall red and it took me hours and many coats of paint to fix it. But he was determined to learn how so he could paint his daughter’s room with me (I cut in, he rolled). And he did a great job!

The tour goes as you enter the room and go around from left to right.

Butterfly and wall decals

Hanging book holder

Crib (without things in it). Notice that the bumper is on the outside. Love that!

ABC picture ledge

The spot I'm going to spend much time in

Window seat and drapes

Headband holder

Changing table

Sofie the Giraffe growing chart. She still needs to be hung up! My brother- and sister-in-law made this for us.

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