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So apparently, I’m nesting. I guess this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise since we’re less than 3 weeks away from our due date. But for a long time, I thought I was just doing the “it’s a new year, I should clean and organize” kick that I go through every year. But it’s February. And it years past, that kick was long over by now.

So it’s nesting.

And let me just say, nesting is a little exhausting. Because when you add those projects onto your job, naps (absolutely necessary now), making dinner, regular cleaning, and time with your husband, there’s not much time or energy left. But I find that some of these organizing, cleaning, and to-do projects become obsessions. Ones that I can’t stop until they’re completely finished.

Take that day Shannon and I cleaned the office. That was hours worth of work! I could have stopped long before we did, just from being too tired to really be efficient. But I couldn’t…. because it was on The List.

Ahh yes, The List.

The List is this ever growing creature that keeps getting jobs added to it that I want to get done before the baby comes. Things for baby, things to deep cleaning, things to make for the house. And purging. Lots of purging. But as soon as I mark off a few things, a few more magically appear. Like when I cleaned the fan in the master bathroom and realized the shower curtain liner needed cleaned too. Or when I had Logan move the living room around and realized just how badly the woodwork needed dusted.

I do realize that none of these things are important for the actual arrival of the baby. But does that make me less obsessed with getting them done? Nope.

Here are some projects I’ve completed from The List that are worth sharing. I’ll post directions on the projects in the next few weeks!

Finally decorating the top of our media shelves

My sister-in-law made the taller cake stand for Christmas. Love it.

 Kitchen Curtains

Living Room Curtains


Okay, this was important for the baby coming.

Car Seat Cover

Since Baby Girl will be born in March, we'll need something cozy for a few weeks until Indiana weather warms up.

Under Counter Kitchen Lights

This was actually Logan's job, but I'm loving it when I cook!

Coffee Filter Flowers from

Still to Make:  Cord Box for the Office

Miscellaneous Cleaning Projects:
*Deep clean the bathrooms
*Clean the wordwork
*Touch up paint
*Deep clean the kitchen
*Gift wrap station
*Depill the couch

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  1. Natalie

    I love reading your blog and feeling like I still get to see you. I’m so impressed with everything you’ve been able to get done! Miss you friend!!

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