Clear the Clutter: 40 Bags Finale

Well, I made it! 40 bags of things out of my house!

These last 5 were a little tough to find, because we’re still getting so many things for the baby. We’re definitely having more things come into the house than we are going out! But I figure that’s pretty normal with a new little one coming so soon. And my kiddos at school threw me a baby shower on Friday, so there were many little necessities that had to find homes.

Besides the 40 bags out, I have three other successes from the weekend:

1.   I have a guest room! Bed, floor, closet. Which means that when the baby comes, my mom can actually sleep without breaking herself getting to the bed!

2.  All of the bags are out of my house! Logan took the last little bit to Goodwill yesterday. The only exception is the box that goes to Half Price Books, but I’ve decided to wait on that until I go through my classroom library and purge at school. That probably won’t happen until this summer, so the box is tucked away until then.

3.  I finally put up my gift wrap station. I’ve had the supplies for weeks (I was going to use the curtain rods in the nursery but changed my mind) but only just figured out that I wanted to put it in the office. I was going to put it on the back of a closet like A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress did, but I was concerned with our hollow doors and the weight. Instead of curtain hooks like suggested, I use binder rings and binder clips. I already had them on hand and it was even cheaper!

My last set of bags:

40.  Craft supplies (old adhesives that are dried up, weird scrap paper I’ll never use, ugly colored thread that I have no idea how I collected–some things went to trash, recyc
39.  Linen closet (2 blankets, also going to the family at school)
38.  Logan’s dresser (a huge stack of old t-shirts–some will be used for rags but most aren’t going to make the cut)
37.  Linen closet (stockpiled shampoo, deodorant, etc–a family at school lost everything in a fire so we’re passing things on…this was one of the times me not getting to Goodwill was helpful, because we’re also giving them the saucepans and kitchen utensils we collected last week)
36.  My dresser (pregnancy clothes that I’ve outgrown…good things there’s less than 3 weeks left!)


35.  Around the house (more books to donate–how many places do I have books???)
34.  Under the bed (shoes to donate)
33.  Around the house (more things to take to school for their “garage sale” at the end of the year)
32.  Kitchen (trash/recycling from consolidating multiple jars of things) 31.  Kitchen (really nasty rags that had to be trashed–yes, there is a point when a rag is no longer usable!)
30.  Kitchen (2 small cookie sheets and some miscellaneous utensils)
29.  Kitchen (3 saucepans and lids to donate)


28.  Office (extra little table that didn’t end up fitting in the nursery)
27.  Office (bag of things to return to Target because I’m terrible about making sure to return things in a timely manner)
26. Office (filing cabinet–lots of extra bills, papers, etc that got shredded)
25. Office (empty wine bottles–I put candles in these and use them for centerpieces, but I had too many. So any that couldn’t fit in the wine holder had to go)
24.  Office (magazines and books for Half Price Books)
23. Office (bag of random trash)
22. Office (bag of random trash)
21. Office (scraps too small to do much with went in the trash)
20. Office (several yard+ fabrics that were donated)
19. Office (several yard+ fabrics:  4 bolts, so 2 bags)
18. Office (bag of shredded papers to recycling–these were the ones already stacked on my shredder)
17. Office (paint cans–these were ones still being used in the house so they were consolidated to much smaller containers)
16. Office (paint cans–there were 5 paint cans that got consolidated so I’m counting it twice)
15.  Office (paint cans–these we don’t use anymore so they’re going to be donated…when I can find a place to take them!)


14. Guest room (wrapping paper, bags, tissue paper to toss and donate—goal before the baby comes:  finally get the gift wrap station hung)
13. Kitchen (some nonperishables that went to my school’s food bank)
12. Extra decorating box (old set of curtains, candles)
11. Linen closet (shower curtain, miscellaneous pillow cases, another crummy towel)
10. My dresser (pre-pregnancy unmentionables to toss—these will eventually get replaced, but still)
9. My dresser (more “regular clothes)
8. My dresser (“regular” clothes that I don’t need to be wearing anymore)


7. Nursery (lots of packaging trash from all the beautiful gifts from the shower)
6. Nursery (extra clothes for the wrong season, batting to go back to Shannon, and a diaper tub for Grandma’s house)
5. Nursery (extra swing to give to another set of friends expecting their first baby)
4. Linen closet (I tend to collect all the little samples from hotels, but how many do you really need? And some less-than-great-towels went too)
3. Bookshelves throughout the house (off to Half Price Books)
2. Guest room closet (emptying out that dumping ground for some really random things to head to Goodwill)
1. From all over the house (a whole bag of random things that go back to school)

I hope your purging was just as successful!

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