Grandma’s House

Remember that memory game growing up? “I’m going to Grandma’s house, and I’m bringing…” And everyone would add something until someone missed? Which was usually me, because I’m terrible at games like that!

By this weekend, I’d like to pack our hospital, but I’m not sure where to start. So, I need your advice…

In a couple weeks:

I’m going to the hospital, and I’m bringing…

What things should I pack, and what things can I leave at home?,r:9,s:69

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5 responses to “Grandma’s House

  1. Must haves-slippers, pillow, phone charger, clothes to leave in, camera and camera charger, carseat, going home outfit for baby, and logan’s bag.

    Leave at home- pump, boppy, anything on the long lists

  2. Natalie

    must haves: snacks for Logan (you’ll be good), toothpaste and brush, shampoo and condition, a razor, and deodorant…that first shower is incredible! (and hospitals don’t provide more than soap)

    leave at home: comfy pjs (I never wanted anything besides the hospital gown until I left…and I was a bit sad to give it up then!), body pillow (they’ll give you as many as you want)

  3. Louise

    I suppose maybe I am not the typical patient because I hate hospitals and am doing a home birth this time but I know the things I was very glad for were as follows:

    My own comfy lounging clothes helped me feel better and also felt better for visitors and pics.
    Our own clothes and blankets for the baby.
    a little make-up to help me feel more human.
    Things I wished for:
    My own music for the birthing suite.
    a book
    Favorite snacks from home

    My labor was 46 hours so as you can see by my list, I just wanted to feel as “at home” and back to normal as possible. 🙂 just keep in mind what is important to you and you’ll pack just fine. 🙂

  4. Mary Jane

    Something to write on/with. I started filling out Casey’s baby book before leaving the hospital.

  5. Tiffany

    LOL!! Natalie’s hospital must have WAY bigger showers then Ball does (might want to check your hospital out). I can’t imagine trying to shave in the dinky space (I spent most of the time trying not to get touched by the shower curtain), and personally standing hurt for several weeks with Grayson…maybe more of an ache… Anyway, I would pack as little as possible (any time you need entertainment, the baby usually obliges;o) I would pack your list of numbers of people you want to call, and make a list of things you need to pack before leaving but that you can’t pack right now (like chargers which you’ll be using before then). Pack a couple of sizes of come home clothes for the little one (with Grayson the new born out fit was too big and he ended up coming home in a premie outfit). Take a notebook that you can make lists in (you’ll be making lists of feeding times, diaper changes, etc), and personally one the best things I’ve done is keep a journal for each of the kids (to write down what they are doing, how things are going, milestones, etc. It has been nice to look back at Grayson’s and compare Callaway with it. You really do forget the fine details that quickly. They got their first tooth within a couple of days of each other! I tried filling out a baby book, but it took too long to find the right page to put things in or their wasn’t a page for what I wanted to say, so a blank spiral bound journal has fit the bill). I would pack a bag of change too, for vending machines incase everything happens at night when things are closed. Nursing bras/tanks. Hair ties or head bands or bobby pins, whatever you use to keep your hair back, you’ll be looking down at lot!
    If you are getting an epidural you probably won’t need the bathrobe many lists suggest (you can’t walk around the halls when you can’t feel your legs). No need to pack bunches of underwear, you get elastic gauze undies to hold the massive pads and icepacks in (or at least at Ball you did).

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