Curtains on the Cheap

This week I’m going to post directions on how to make some of the easiest curtains ever. Because that seems to be my theme these days:  the easier, the more likely it is to get done!

But replacing curtains can be expensive, even if you have coupons and sales at JoAnn Fabrics. Buying that much fabric can add up quickly.

So here are some ideas to find inexpensive fabric:

*drop clothes–You know, the canvas ones sold in the paint aisle at Lowe’s (more on that this week)

from The Lettered Cottage

* table clothes–These are especially great in the kitchen or a child’s room since they’re made to get dirty and wash nicely

from Creative Little Daisy

*shower curtains–You might have to add a band of extra fabric on the bottom or sides, but that makes it look even more custom

from Primitive and Proper

*curtain panels–There are all sorts of plain curtain panels around that you can add a band of fabric or ribbon to create an expensive look

from Budget Wise Home

*duvet–One duvet should cover a whole window

from Budget Wise Home

*burlap–Okay, you would get this from JoAnns but it’s such a cheap fabric if you can get it on sale that it’s worth mentioning

from Tip Junkie

And my personal favorite…
*bed sheets–Tons of fabric, tons of variety, small price tag

from Budget Wise Home

from BHG

In fact, up until this set of curtain projects, all but two rooms in my house had sheets as curtains. You can buy a very cheap solid color and add bands of fabric. Or you can find beautiful prints and leave them alone.

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