Living Room Curtains from Drop Clothes

I love this project. It’s another one that was so fast and super cheap. (I should write a theme song for that!)

What you’ll need:
*2 canvas drop clothes (the ones I chose measured 6’x9′ from Lowes)
*curtain rod (the previous home owners used a white pvc pipe… genius!)
*curtain rings

1.  Press a 2″ hem along the top. Sew.

2.  Hang up your curtains and decide how much to hem the bottom. I ended up needing to take mine 18″ up, so I folded the bottom up 9″ and then another 9″. Sew.

3.  Optional:  You can hem the sides if you want, but they are finished so it’s what you think looks nice.

4.  Hang up and you’re done!

I like that they aren't sheer, which is what they were replacing. But the fabric isn't thick or dark enough to block out the sun completely. Even with them closed, we still get plenty of light.

Like I said, EASY!

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