Nursery Pillows

Go figure that pillows for the nursery were a top priority. I knew from the beginning that pillows wouldn’t be anywhere near the crib, but what’s a bedroom without pillows? And I knew this would be the best way to incorporate all of the wonderful fabrics I had found.

Fortunately we had a window seat that needed some dressing up!

And I didn’t even break Logan’s one pillow in, one pillow out rule (see this post for more on my pillow obsession). Believe it or not, I did have enough pillows around the house to make four for the nursery. Where did the picture of the 4th pillow go?

I used just a basic pillow pattern for all four.

For the two applique pillows, I used the tutorial from Sew 4 Home. The elephant applique came from that site and I just searched for a good butterfly template on Google Images.

I will say this about applique pillows:  it’s not hard to applique, but it’s pretty slow going. Once I finished the first round, I had several mistakes to fix. Not hard, but a little tedious. Definitely worth doing again though!

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