ABC Picture Ledge

Long before we started thinking about having kids, I watched a great episode of Design Inc. where Sarah Richardson did a little boy’s nursery. I fell in love with the ABC wall ledge and decided that was definitely something I wanted to do when it was time.

I searched all over to find good alphabet cards that gave the capital letter, lowercase letter, and a picture. Success was found at Mr. Printables. And the download was free!

I had some small square picture frames from Ikea. I tried to get more of the same size, but go figure they were out! So I alternated the squares and rectangles. The part that took the longest was actually prepping and painting all of the frames. Did I mention that the square frames were originally red? Yeah, lots of time spent there!

I used paper plates under the frames which made it really easy to get all the sides without making a mess.

And finally the ledge…

Logan built the picture ledge from Ana White Homemaker. He found it really easy, and I think it turned out great!

Our final product:

Probably the most time consuming project of the nursery, but I love the way it came out!



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