New Mommy Makeup

In the last two weeks, we’ve been introducing Emily to quite a few people… like the whole world. Monday we went and visited Logan at work (his first day back–yikes!), and I must admit, I adore all the oohs and ahhs over how cute our little pumpkin is! But that was the first time I actually took time to do my makeup, and I learned something rather important…

I am worth the expensive makeup Logan treated me to last month.

Let me back up…

Last month, Logan decided to pamper me with a makeup consultation with one of the girls at work. And then I got to pick out which makeup I wanted to get. Now this was pretty tough for me. I usually by whatever’s on sale at Target that goes with my coloring. But here I was wearing mostly Bobbi Brown. Which is pricey!

from Info Barrel

I decided to “only” get the two concealers, foundation, and coverup… a bill that came to way more than I care to admit. But I did love how smooth it made my skin look, and my husband insisted. He’s so great.

from Bobbi Brown


I just didn’t realize what a good job the makeup was doing until Monday, when several wonderful people commented on how good I look (bless you all!) and that it looked like I was getting enough sleep. Now my darling had been sleeping incredibly well up until the night before when she was up every hour. Dark circles under my eyes–check.

But not with that wonderful makeup!

from Bobbi Brown

Moral of the story:  New moms (or any mom or really anyone who realizes she deserves a lovely treat) should bite the bullet, buy the expensive concealers, and have people none the wiser about how sleep deprived you’re becoming!

She's worth every minute I'm missing out on sleep!

PS–New moms also need waterproof mascara. I mean, really waterproof. Because in the last two weeks, I’ve cried more times than I can count. Mostly happy tears, because I can’t get over how precious Emily is. But still–mascara that won’t make you look like a raccoon. (I did stick with my Cover Girl for that one).

from Cover Girl


These opinions are my own and I received no reimbursement from any of the products mentioned.

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  1. Tiffany S

    I agree. I broke down and bought some bare minerals last summer along with some other more expensive make-up. It cost way more than I wanted to spend but it has been about 8 months and I still have at least half or more of it left and I feel so much better wearing it. It is important when you don’t get out much or when you are covered in baby/toddler ‘stuff’ all day to do little things that make you feel good. Congratulations on Emily. She’s a cutie. I would love to hear how everything went sometime.

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