Window Seat Cushion Tutorial

The nursery is a pretty small room. Maybe 8’x9′ at the most. Which means we wanted furniture to do double duty. We got an Expedit bookcase in white from Ikea, turned it sideways, and added some legs to create a window seat with plenty of storage for toys (with pink bins from Target).

But of course, we needed a cushion to make the window seat comfortable. I wanted to use a piece of 3″ foam, but that was pretty expensive. So with 4 clearanced pillows from Ikea, I set to work.

What you’ll need:
*fabric (front and back pieces cut 1″ longer and 1″ wider than the length of your bench)
*pillows, stuffing, or foam the length of your bench

1.  With right sides together, pin the two long sides of your fabric. Sew just those two sides.

2.  Stuff your fabric tube with your stuffing/pillows/foam. Both of the short sides are open so you can maneuver  to filling a little more easily.

3.  Fold the short ends in about 1/2″ each. Pin and stitch closed.

The finished product:


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2 responses to “Window Seat Cushion Tutorial

  1. Tiffany S

    Thanks for sharing this. We want to put a window seat in Jae’s new room and we love those cubicals from target but the window seat unit in only 3 bins wide which is about the width of the window itself making curtains akward. We may just have to steal this idea. And great suggestion on using pillows instead of foam. I wondered how expensive that would be. I also want to get the corner twin bedframe from IKEA but wanted to pad the headboards. Maybe I will look for an alternative for that too. What kind of legs did you put on the shelf?

    • I don’t remember what their name was, but they’re from Ikea too. When you go through the shelving section, some of those shelves are on the type of legs we used. Then they’re downstairs in the furniture section to pick up. There are 3 different heights, and we chose the middle one.

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