Butterfly Hooks Tutorial

I love this project, because it’s so easy and can be made to match any type of room.

Once we found out we were having a girl, we were thrilled. All of those bows, headbands, and ruffles. Actually, Logan was the one who registered for the wide variety of headbands for her. And of course, every girl needs a spot to store her hair accessories.

What you’ll need:

1.  Cut the board down to the size you want. I just had the people at Lowes cut a 6′ board in half (only because I didn’t want to set up the saw at our house).

2.  Paint the board. I chose to do the background in white and then a green stripe that matched the nursery’s wall color.

3.  Attach the hooks. I had found the cute ladybugs and butterflies wooden cutouts at JoAnns and hot glued them above the hooks. At 59 cents each they were too adorable to pass up!

4.  Attach the ribbon to the back with a staple gun. I also stapled some ribbon to hide the transition between the green stripe and white background.

And since little Emily also got so many little hair bows, I cut a ribbon and looped it over one of the hooks to clip the bows onto.

And look at those cute sunglasses from Grandma!


Emily modeling one of the bow/headband combos


JoAnns had all sorts of different wooden cutouts that could be used, including a variety of sports. Or you could paint on whatever shapes you want. Or modge podge on cutouts from paper. Then use the hooks for any variety of organizing!



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