Random Nursery Projects

Just a few more random projects I did for Emily’s room… found on (where else?) Pinterest.

 I wasn’t going to use bumpers at all, because of the suffocation risk. But the crib looked so lonely and white and empty without the pop of color that bumper offers. This emptiness wasn’t enough for me to put one up… until I saw this bumper on the outside of the crib from Apartment Therapy. Genius! All the cuteness of the bumper without any of the risks!

from Apartment Therapy

I used the bumper pattern from Lotta Jandotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby. The key was to take the measurements on the OUTSIDE of the crib, because extra inches were added. And believe it or not, I measured right the first time! No fixes needed!

Emily’s Birth Sign
I LOVE these signs for sale on Etsy by Mosie Posies.

from Mosie Posies

But there was no way I was going to pay for it! I just messed around with fonts, colors, and sizes in Word to create a sign with Emily’s information. A $4 frame from Target… and tada! This did take quite awhile to get all the information on and playing with the font sizes. But I think it was totally worth it!


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