1 Month Ago…

My whole world changed! I can’t believe that Emily’s already one month old!

I’ve learned lots in the last 4 weeks…

*I can function on less sleep than I thought. To be fair, Logan takes one feeding each night so I’m getting more sleep than what I assume most new moms get. But it’s still pretty rough! And I didn’t realize that I’d be sleeping less deeply than before. Emily’s little noises and moving around can now wake me up in the middle of the night.

Week 1

*The advice “sleep when the baby sleeps” is almost impossible to follow. When Emily’s sleeping, I shower or fold a load of laundry or sit and watch her sleep. About one nap a day I actually sleep for an hour. Maybe I’ll get better at keeping this advice in month 2?

Week 2

*I get nothing done during the day. Well, almost nothing. My baby gets fed, I shower and eat, and maybe get a load of laundry done. Or something equally as easy. We take a walk most days. That’s about it. I’m not sure where the day goes. Well, lots of it is spent watching Emily and snuggling her.

Week 3

*I have an amazing support system. Logan of course has been amazing, and I can’t imagine a better husband or daddy. But my mom and Shannon have been invaluable–from hanging out to cleaning to just listening when I need to cry (which I do a lot–apparently that’s how I cope). Then there’s all my friends from church and school who have visited and brought over meals. I’m so blessed to have so many people watching out for us!

Week 4

*I can’t believe how deeply and completely I love my little girl. I really do love everything about her–her little noises, how she holds my finger, her sneezes. I don’t even mind changing her diapers. And I love the faces she makes. She’ll purse her lips and scrunch her eyes when she’s not going to take her bottle (so don’t even try). Or how she’ll arch her back, raise her eyebrows, open her eyes wide, and move her head back and forth (she looks like a little turtle). And snuggling her! Ahh, the best part of my day!

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