Car Seat Cover Tutorial

March weather in Indiana is unpredictable. “In like a lion, out like a lamb” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Usually we go back and forth between both several times a week. Or take this year, when we had record setting temperatures. The day Emily was born was in the 80s… as was the last day of winter!

from Cheryl's Classroom Tips

But now we’ve had several nights with freeze warnings. And there’s a chance for more chilly days. And who knows what May will bring… Snow? But I didn’t want to buy a warm and cozy carseat cover for the little miss on the slim chance that more cold weather was to come.

from Target

Pinterest to the rescue!

I found this tutorial from Calico for an infant carseat blanket. Much as I liked the shape, I made a few modifications to just use a large rectangular piece of fabric that I had from another project.

from Calico

What you’ll need:
*2 pieces of cotton fabric measuring 31×43″ (1 main fabric and 1 lining)
*1 piece of fleece/flannel fabric measuring 31×43″ (cozy part)
*4 pieces of fabric measuring 6×2″ (straps)
*2 snaps

1.   Layer your fabric. From the bottom:  your fleece (pink), your lining facing up (the green stripe), your main fabric facing down (the blue floral). This means that the right sides of your fabrics are facing each other and your fleece is below the lining.

2.  Stitch around the edges, leaving a 4″ gap open. Turn right side out, making sure that two fabrics are on the outside and the fleece is in the center. Press the edges and topstitch.

3.  For the straps:  Stack 2 of the straps pieces right sides together. Stitch using a 1/4″ seam, leaving one of the short sides open. Turn right side out, press, and top stitch (fold that open end in to finish it). Repeat with strap 2.

4.  Fold your blanket in half lengthwise (bring the two short sides together). Measure 10 1/2″ inches on each side on the fold edge. Fold your strap in half.  Line up the outside edge of the strap at the 10 1/2″ mark and pin. Repeat on the other side. (Okay, that seemed really confusing. Hopefully the picture helps!)

5.  Sew three seams down the center of your strap to attach it to your blanket.

6.  Attach your snaps so they wrap around your car seat handle.

Even though I did this with a fleece on the inside, I’m thinking of making a second one without the fleece. It’s really nice to have the cover attach to the car seat…as opposed to just draping a light blanket over and having it slip (or blow off!). It will be really easy to leave out the cozy middle to make a spring/summer cover!



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