Springtime Brunch

Gosh how life looks different now that I’ve made it through my first week back at school! It’s a good thing that I love my job, because that constant “on the go” of 2nd grade has made it easier than I thought to be away from Emily. Leaving her in the morning though… I haven’t made it out the door yet without at least tearing up.

And then, even with all of Emily’s sleeping at night, I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired! Which means my brain is really fuzzy all the time. Which is why I haven’t been blogging. Because putting together a coherent thought is harder than before! And time for projects? Haha, I’m still trying to find time to fold the load of laundry that’s been sitting in my living room for three days (I moved it out of the dryer two days after the load was finished hoping to motivate myself to fold it).


But last weekend for Mother’s Day, we made a lovely brunch.

A little background on the menu…

One of my favorite restaurants in Indianapolis is 3 Sisters Cafe. Shannon introduced it to me years ago, and I’ve loved going there for breakfast/brunch ever since. I know they have a lunch menu… but I’ve ordered off it maybe two times? Their breakfasts are just so fabulous, I can’t imagine getting anything else!

I used to only order their French toast,

from 3 Sisters Cafe

but last year I branched out to the Lemon Corn Cakes with Seasonal Berries and lemon curd. Which became my new favorite.

from 3 Sisters Cafe

Mmm! This was one of the meals they highlights when 3 Sisters was featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. If it was good enough for Guy, I definitely had to try it! Yum-O! (Okay, I know that’s Rachel Ray but it does apply!)

from 3 Sisters Cafe

But going out to eat for Mother’s Day wasn’t going to happen. Between Emily’s unpredictable schedule, fussiness in her car seat (and 3 Sisters Cafe is a quiet and chill restaurant so her fussiness would stress me out), and feeling broke because we have a baby (does that go away?), we decided to make our own brunch at home. But of course, I looked for recipes to parallel my favorite breakfast!

Lemon Cornmeal Pancakes from Tasty Kitchen

We topped ours with macerated strawberries and lemon curd.

Easy Eggless Lemon Curd by Shaken Together

And coffee. Plenty of coffee.

 Such an easy, springtime breakfast!

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