Love sign

I came across this idea on Pinterest from the Etsy shop Letter Perfect Designs.

I thought it was really cute, especially since Logan and I have taken our engagement, wedding, and maternity pictures in front of the Love Sign at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. So the whole graphic holds a special place in my heart.

But of course, my alter ego, Miss Cheapness, would never pay for such a great diy project! I made a few modifications to the original, including using one large canvas instead of four smaller ones. But whatever you choose, the process is about the same!

What you’ll need:
*canvas (either 1 large or 4 small)
*mod podge
*tacky glue
*2 brushes (to spread the adhesives)
*fabric/paper for the background
*beads/buttons for the letters
*LOVE letters (you can print these off to trace or freehand)

1.  Cover your canvas using the fabric or paper. Spread a layer of mod podge on the canvas and lay your fabric on top. Smooth is out so there aren’t any wrinkles. Let dry.

2.  Trace or draw your letters onto the covered canvas. Fill is the lines with the tacky glue.

3.  If you’re using buttons, press them into the glue. I used the little filler beads from the jewelry sections. Pour them onto the glue, press down, and shake off the extras. Let dry at least 24 hours.

You really could do this with any word. How cute would it be to do your child’s name for their bedroom? Or a monogram for your living room?




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2 responses to “Love sign

  1. love this idea! Found a dollar store recently near me that sells lots of buttons for a really cheap price, since then I’ve become in love with buttons!

  2. I LOVE your Love sign!! Too cute and very creative! I am now a follower!

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