Creative Collections: Ruffle Shirts


It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a whole year of blogging now! It’s even harder to believe how different my life looks from that first post. Thanks to all of you who have stuck with me for the whole time. And thanks to those of you who have joined along the way!


I’m all about the ruffles right now. Perhaps because baby girl clothes are covered in them (like the cute ruffle butt pants!), but I love the girly look they add. I’ve been collecting ideas of ruffle shirts I want to make over the summer… you know with all my free time. Maybe Emily will nap more? Either way, here are some that I want to try…

Ruffled Tank by Sunny Vanilla

Anthro-Inspired Tee by Life is Sew Daily

LOFT Inspired Ruffle Tank by Ruffle and Stuff 

Ruffle Shirt by Tea Rose Home

Shirt Refashion by Twin Inspiration

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