The Garden is Finally In

I’m only weeks late, but all of my plants are planted and all of the weeds are pulled. Well, maybe not all!

Okay, this is just a random bush. But look how cute Emily is!

Front Garden:
This was the easiest garden to get ready. My mom has a beautiful set of gardens at home and has shared some of her flowers. All I had to do was add my herbs (I keep them by my front door so I use them frequently) and a few more perennials. I love how the plants just blend into each other. I’m letting the green ground cover go crazy… that’s one plant after 3 years! My goal is to have it cover any area that doesn’t have other flowers. But it’s a little unruly, so I have to make sure it’s not crowding other plants out!

Deck Pots:
I love putting my pots in, because it’s the only time I use annuals. And I have a thing for the bright pinks and greens of coleus. So when my mom and I were at the gardens at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, I treated myself to a few special varieties. Other than that, the plants are all distressed plants from Lowes. With love and lots of water, these plants are doing great.

Vegetable Garden:
Ahh, the attack of the weeds in this garden. But with Logan taking the weed eater to them, some gardening plastic, and mulch… well, now we’re in business! Lots of tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeños, hot red peppers, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, and onions. Don’t you love the soaker hoses through this garden? That was Logan’s addition… which means that the plants will get watered regularly.

Now to keep up with the weeding… ugh!

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