I Hate Bugs

Note:  I’ve had a really tough time coming up with something to write about today. So I’m going to tell a random story. I promise, next week I’ll get back in gear with projects!

Pretty much all of them. Except butterflies, ladybugs, and fireflies. Then again, I didn’t catch my first firefly until I was like 12. Because I didn’t want them crawling on me.

I was telling my mom about my disdain for the garden bugs, and she said, “I didn’t raise you to be afraid of bugs.” Hahaha! So true. And yet…

I have memories of Shannon chasing me around the yard with worms. Or 2nd graders handing me bugs and feeling them crawl across my hand. Now I look before holding my hands out!

So I was spreading our free mulch (my brother-in-law has a little wood chipper so we got chipped all our extra sticks… hopefully we’ll be able to do this enough to replenish all our gardens). And every time I got a shovelful it was filled with earwigs. I hate earwigs. It’s like there was a whole colony in there. A big colony. There was even an albino one. I must say, that was probably the bravest thing I’ve done in a long time.

Thank goodness the mulch looks great in my vegetable garden.

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