New Clothes

I have to admit, I spent my whole maternity leave and most of the summer so far in yoga pants and tank tops. So comfortable, easy to wash when they get baby yuck on them, and comfy (did I already mention that?). In the back of my mind, I heard Stacy and Clinton from What Not To Wear yelling at me. “There are ways to be comfy and stylish!”

Yeah, yeah, I know. So now when I leave the house, I put on real clothes. Poor Logan, who pretty much still only sees me in yoga pants. But I’m trying.

Shortly before Emily was born, I came across a website called Polyvore while wasting time looking on Pinterest. People design outfits and tell where you can buy the individual pieces. I found several “designers” (is that what they would be called?) who put together outfits that I loved. Mostly basic pieces, often in neutrals. And layering in a way that those basic pieces don’t look boring.

So my goal this summer (besides losing the baby weight so I can actually fit into the clothes!) is to piece together the outfits. I have lots of the pieces, so putting it all together is more looking at what I have in a new way. I do have a list clothes I want to buy but want to make as many as possible. Which has meant more searching on Pinterest and blogs I love! It also means that when people ask if I’m making tons of clothes for Emily, I sheepishly have to say no!

Here’s one of the outfits I’ve been putting together:

yellow green
I guess I didn’t realize that putting cardigans and scarves together would look so cute! I should note that I’m not worrying much about the bags or jewelry right now. The jewelry will mostly come from what I already have. And since I pretty much just carry a diaper bag, the bags aren’t too important!
Blue dress with eyelet bottom:  Old Navy last summer
Orange flower cardigan:  New York and Company several summers ago
Striped scarf:  Spring Infinity Scarf by The Cottage Home
Teal and brown bracelet:  Global Gifts
Brown boots:  really need to find a pair! My summer alternative is my Ikat wedges:  Toms from Nordstrom (my birthday present from Logan).

These shoes are cute enough that they need a close-up.

Me in the outfit:
As I put together more outfits, I’ll be sure to post them!

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  1. yo sista

    Very cute!

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