Quick Grilled Dinner

I don’t know about you, but this heat wave in the Midwest has been miserable. Everyday I’m thankful that our air conditioning has worked so well. Someone at church yesterday said it was like we were hibernating, which is a funny thing to think about in the middle of the summer. But it’s so true!

Last night it was finally cool enough to have Logan fire up the grill. It was great to have a pleasant summer evening out on the deck with the smell of grilled food. Ahh, how I’ve missed it!

It was probably the easiest meal ever too!

Grilled Chicken
This recipe idea came from an old episode of Take Home Chef with Curtis Stone. He did some sort of pork with a whole grain mustard and herbs on top. My version is far less gourmet but probably just as good. And tons easier.
1. Grill the chicken (I’ve also done it on the stove).
2. Spread the mustard of your choice on one side (I use dijon).
3. Chop up some parsley from your garden and sprinkle a generous amount on each piece.

Grilled Corn
Also very easy.
1. Pull out the silk. Soak the corn, husks on, in water for about an hour.
2. Grill for about 30 min.

Grilled Peaches
This is our newest obsession this summer.
1. Cut peaches in half. Spread some oil on the cut side.
2. Grill until soft.
3. Top with yogurt sauce (plain yogurt, sugar, and vanilla until it’s a sweet/tangy combination you like).

 Fastest, easiest dinner we’ve had in awhile.
(And sorry for the crummy pictures–we were really hungry!) 

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