Scarf Shirt Tutorial

Another Polyvore outfit to recreate…

London by Night

(and while I don’t have an amazing green trench, I do have awesome black ankle boots)

I found this tutorial from Talk 2 the Trees on how to make a simple, flowey shirt out of two scarves, which I thought would be a good way to recreate the black shirt from the outfit.

However, I couldn’t find two inexpensive scarves at garage sales or Goodwill that would work. That’s what happens when you have something specific in mind! But on a trip to Hancock Fabrics, I found a sheer poly blend for $2.50 a yard and couldn’t pass it up! This isn’t the easiest fabric to work with, because it slips all over. Lots of pins later…

What you’ll need:
*2 coordinating scarves or 1 yard of light weight fabric

1.  If you’re using fabric, you’ll need to cut it down. Cut two squares about 22×22″. This was the hardest part with the fabric I chose.  My square ended up being more like 20×20″ because I kept cutting it uneven…oops. Hem all four sides of each square by pressing 1/4″ and then another 1/4″. (This way all of your edges will be finished as you put together the rest of your shirt.) If you’re using scarves, you can skip this step.

2.  Neck:  With right sides together, find the center of the top of your fabric/scarves. Measure out about 7 1/2″ on each side of the center. Pin from that point to each corner. This creates a boatneck shirt. Adjust the opening to whatever is comfortable for you.

3.  Arms:  Measure down about 12″ from the top of your shirt on both sides. Stitch down to the bottom. Again, adjust this opening as you need.

Here’s the image Talk 2 the Trees used to show where to sew. Might be a little easier than the explanation!

Again, my beautiful shoes…

Via Spiga ankle boots for fall/winter

Cole Haan sandals for spring/summer

 Okay, I have a beautiful shoe collection. Logan used to work in women’s shoes at Nordstrom. Now he’s in a different department, but just a short walk from the shoe section!




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2 responses to “Scarf Shirt Tutorial

  1. Cute! Simple too. Thank you for sharing this good idea.

  2. Nice outfit and gorgeous shoes!

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